Tandem jumps during the week (weekend excluded) + Imax 360° video report

Tandem jump from Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays) with Imax 360° video report

310,00 €

Tandem jumps during the week (weekend excluded) + Imax 360° video report


When you come to the Skydive Spa on the day of your jump, the excitement first and the adrenaline second is likely to be overwhelming!
After a short briefing on the jump procedures, your instructor will accompany you in the aircraft to +/- 4000m.
Securely attached to your instructor, the door opens and you are about to experience the experience of a lifetime: a freefall of +/- 45 seconds!
You are overcome with euphoria, the only thing you have to do is enjoy the flight and the extraordinary panorama that is offered to you!
After the canopy flight, your instructor will bring you safely back to the ground.
Pure adrenaline and an UNBELIEVABLE experience are guaranteed.
Once your jump is over, our professional video editor will make your Imax® montage, so you can relive your jump thanks to the two 360° reports!
One report that you will be able to watch on a standard screen and the second report specially edited for viewing with a 3D helmet.
You can live this experience as many times as you want!

Skydive Spa offers you its exclusive package combining the latest technology and sensation, to make your dream come true!

1 tandem jump at Skydive Spa 
1 video report with Imax® technology, 360° immersion in your jump to be viewed with a 3D helmet
1 2D video report to be viewed on a 2D screen (television, smartphone, ...).
Your videos can be downloaded a few hours after your jump via our website.

When you make a gift,
you want to leave a mark on the receiver's mind.

But how can we be sure?

The memory only records certain events:

those that are out of the ordinary and that provoke a strong emotional intensity.

And what better way to get out of one's routine and be overwhelmed with positive emotions than a skydiving experience at the Skydive in Spa?

It's a real cocktail of emotions that leaves a lasting impression.

In fact, our instructor Jean-Pierre can still tell you all about his very first jump in great detail.

A jump that took place almost 60 years ago!

And the same goes for the person to whom you offer a jump at the Skydive Spa.

They will talk about it for years to come and will remember this wonderful moment that YOU gave them.

  • A magical and unforgettable experience...

    "A wonderful surprise for my birthday where I knew 1 hour in advance that I was going to take the plunge and realise my dream. All this in a great infrastructure and surrounded by a top team! But above all, a huge thank you to my instructor David, a top person who transmits his passion and who made me feel comfortable and encouraged me from the beginning to the end. All this would not have been the same without him. It will remain a memory engraved forever..."

    Céline - Tripadvisor review
  • Everything was perfect

    "I had been wanting to take the plunge for several years but had never taken the plunge. Some friends gave me a gift voucher to SkydiveSpa for my 40th birthday, no more postponing! Everything was perfect, registration is easy, the instructors are great, and the jump... I have no words to describe how great it was. Without a doubt one of the best gifts I have ever received in my life!

    Nicolas - On-site review
  • It was an incredible experience

    "I received a gift voucher for a parachute jump in Spa, it was an incredible experience. The sensations are magnificent, far beyond my expectations! Thanks to Pascal for giving me this gift, it was magical. "

    Annie - On site review
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