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Fly-in Pro

You are already in your AFF course and want to hone your skills? You are already a skydiver and want to make a fast progression, learn new fly positions and more techniques?

Come and train the world´s largest freefall simulator! 

Fly-in is an indoor wind tunnel located on the Liège Airport site. This wind tunnel is completely circular and measures 5.2m in diameter and 15m in height. The propelled air reaches more than 300km an hour and reproduces the same sensations of free fall during a parachute jump but... without parachute☺. The Fly-In team and its experienced coaches are at your disposal to allow you to evolve safely in your sport. After a first taste of flying in the wind tunnel you are guaranteed to come back and progress quickly, even on bad weather days.

Fly-in offers you the best flying conditions:

  • 5.2m diameter
  • Briefing rooms area and individual training
  • Hotel 2 min. walk
  • Airport 2 min. on foot and TGV train station 15 min. by car 
  • 35 min by car from Skydive Spa
  • Resto Bar
  • Private rooms to relax after your sessions
  • Rates adapted to parachutists

Book your flight time on+32 (0)4 225 99 60 or www.fly-in.be

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