Why do thousands of people trust us every year to realize their dream of skydiving?

Today is a special day for you!

  • You are looking for an unforgettable experience or a strong dose of adrenaline

  • You want to live a new experience in your life

  • You want to challenge yourself and fight your fears

This jump will stay your memory forever

No need for a long theoretical course to jump

Go up in the sky and jump!

Your instructor takes care of everything!

Welcome to Skydive Spa, the place to fly out! 

Why choose Spa?

The Spa touch : A professionnal and kind team welcomes you in a dream place. We take care of everything while you can start dreaming...

Jumps performed

A wonderful team

32 years at your service

A dream landscape

Our job = Our passion

With our 30+ years of experience, the world of skydiving is our passion!

We all had our first jump. 

We know the crucial importance of this moment and lead thousands of people to take their first step every year. 

Our experience and our clients' feedback allow us to offer an amazing experience.

A marvellous place

We welcome you in a beautiful and natural region full of forests and in the heart of the Belgian Ardennes

Up in the sky, you will also be able to see some lands of Germany and the Netherlands

There are so many things to see, you won't even know where to look at: 

  • The Spa-Francorchamps Racetrack where Michael Schumacher won so many races in Formula 1
  • The "Hautes Fagnes" and its protected fauna and flora 
  • The city of Spa, know for its sweetness and famous for its thermal waters
  • The "signal de Botrange" which has the highest elevation in Belgium
  • The lake of Robertville

P.S. : Tell your instructor what you are most curious about and he will explain you all that is to be known! 

The most sympathetic team

Thousands of tandem jumps combined !!!

The day of the jump, we will use several settings in order to choose the instructor that suits you best.

Each of our instructors has passed a complete tandem instructor course allowing him to react properly in case of any situation.

More precisely, the tandem instructor course consists of several exams and 1.000 jumps minimum. 

  • David

    5000+ jumps

    David jumps at our place for the past 5 years now and has performed more than 4.000 tandem jumps in our center. 

    His smile and great mood will make you feel relax rapidly!

  • Yves

    10.500+ jumps

    Meet Yves, our experienced and passionate tandem skydiving instructor! With over 10,500 jumps to his account and many years' experience in skydiving, Yves is a skilled and dedicated professional who has successfully completed numerous tandem jumps. With Yves you can be sure that your adventure in the air will be in safe hands.

  • Pierre

    5.000+ jumps

    With over 5,000 jumps to his name, Pierre loves the skies and wants to pass on his passion, whether as a tandem instructor, AFF or videoman!

  • Pierre

    2.000+ Jumps

    Young and spirited, with Pierre you're in good hands. His youth and enthusiasm bring a touch of energy and enthusiasm to every jump, and there's no doubt that this experience will stay with you forever.

  • Davio

    4.500+ Jumps

    Meet Davio, our exceptional tandem instructor! With years of experience in skydiving, Davio is a passionate and dedicated professional. Always smiling and patient, he knows how to create a relaxed atmosphere so that you can make the most of every moment of your jump.


  • Alexander

    8.000+ Jumps

    Alexandre has over 8,000 jumps to his name. He is renowned for his calm and patience, giving even novices the confidence to fully enjoy the excitement of the jump. In tandem with Alexandre, get ready for an unrivalled aerial experience, combining adrenalin and unforgettable memories!

  • Susanna

    4.500+ Jumps

    Susanna, one of our few female tandem instructors! With 4,500 jumps to her name, she's passionate about skydiving and outdoor adventures. Endowed with infinite patience and a keen sense of safety, she's always smiling and energetic.

  • Pierre-Yves

    6.000+ Jumps

    Pierre-Yves is a seasoned professional in the world of skydiving, specialising in tandem jumps. He has years of experience as an instructor! His patience, friendliness and teaching approach make each jump an unforgettable adventure for his passengers.

    But that's not all! In addition to his passion for skydiving, Pierre-Yves is also an experienced helicopter pilot. His love of flying has honed his skills as a pilot, giving him a unique perspective when guiding his passengers through the skies. He knows how to provide a breathtaking and spectacular view from the air, adding an extra dimension to every tandem skydive.

  • Nathaniel

    16.500+ Jumps

    Nathaniel was a former in the French army. We've been enjoying his rigour and mastery of tandem jumping for 7 years now! He'll soon put you at ease, so you can fully appreciate your experience!

  • Kamil

    6.000+ jumps

    Kamil joined our team 4 years ago. He began his studies in the Polish Air Force and obtained his pilot's licence. After his stint in the army, he decided to make his dream come true and take up skydiving. With 6,000 jumps to his account, he is a master at making them.

  • Jani

    10.000+ Jumps

    He started skydiving at the age of 16 and has over 10,000 jumps to his name. Jani has been part of our team for 5 years now. His technical mastery and sense of professionalism will put you at ease from the very first moment. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced skydiver, Jani guarantees you a sensational tandem jump experience, in complete safety.

  • Jonneke

    1.500+ Jumps

    Jonneke, our new tandem instructor with a big heart! Despite her young age, Jonneke has an incredible passion for aerial sports. With 1,500 jumps to her account, she's an absolute master! Her gentleness and natural empathy make her an ideal companion for beginners and children.


  • Ramon

    4.000+ Jumps

    Ramon joined our ranks in 2022. Originally from Spain, he has a wealth of experience in the field. With 4,000 jumps under his belt, Ramon is a true free-fall enthusiast who has chosen to share his love of the sky with all those who are ready to jump into the adventure. Although Ramon may seem a little shy at first, don't let his calm demeanour fool you - behind him lies an experienced professional, determined to give you an unforgettable tandem skydive experience in complete safety.

  • Jonneke

    1.500+ Jumps

    Jonneke, our new tandem instructor with a big heart! Despite her young age, Jonneke has an incredible passion for aerial sports. With 1,500 jumps to her name, she's an absolute master! Her gentleness and natural empathy make her an ideal companion for beginners and children.

  • Susanna

    4. Jumps

    Susanna, one of our few female tandem instructors! With 4,500 jumps to her name, she's passionate about skydiving and outdoor adventures. Endowed with infinite patience and a keen sense of safety, she's always smiling and energetic.

  • Fabrice

    13.500+ Jumps

    Originally from Réunion Island, Fabrice spends every summer at our centre to make your dream of tandem jumping come true!

    But that's not all, Fabrice also plays a crucial role as Technical Director. In this role, he is responsible for safety on the ground. He ensures that procedures are followed to the letter.

    If you have the opportunity to tandem skydive with Fabrice, you can be sure you'll have an unforgettable time, benefiting from his expertise and unfailing motivation.

  • Christoph

    3.500+ jumps

    As well as his impeccable technical skills, Christoph is also an excellent communicator. Before each jump, he takes the time to explain in detail the tandem jumping process, safety precautions and answers any questions his clients may have. He loves to share his passion for skydiving and his love for the incredible beauty of freefall.

  • Arnaud

    1.600+ jumps

    Arnaud, our tandem instructor, embodies passion! His dedication to providing unforgettable experiences is reflected in every tandem jump he guides, putting even the most anxious beginners at ease with his friendly and reassuring attitude. You can trust Arnaud to guide you safely through the excitement and adrenaline of a tandem skydive.

  • Olivier

    1.300+ jumps

    With several years' experience in skydiving, Olivier, our new Tandem instructor, is passionate about the sport. His absolute priority is to offer our customers unforgettable experiences. With his calmness and control, he knows how to put even the most nervous skydivers at ease. We're delighted to have him on board and are sure you'll enjoy every moment you spend with him in the air!

    A moment to share with your friends and family

    A tandem jump is a perfect opportunity to share with your family and friends

    They can join us from the start of the flight and for the landing which takes place about 10 meters from the runway.

    This offers a true moment of emotions.

    A waiting area is available on site so non jumping people can wait and watch you jump. Activities for kids are also available on site.

    How does a jump at Skydive Spa take place?

    Before the jump day

    Book a jump via the online form and block your agenda

    You will receive a mail concerning the important information to know about the D-Day

    We take care of everything else!


    Registration at our desk

    (10 minutes)
    • Arrive on site at the time of the booking
    • As you arrive on site, you will share the joy of the people that come back from their jump, you will directly feel a great atmosphere
    • Register at our desk, our team will verify your registration and explain the next steps of the program
    • As soon as we call you, your instructor will take care of you

    Briefing and equipment

    (20 minutes)
    • After your instructor welcomes you, you are now forming part of duo with him. You won't leave him until the end of the jump.
    • You will receive your equipment as well as a precise and clear safety briefing 
    • If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask your instructor, he will know how to make you feel at ease
    • Together, you will walk towards the aircraft and begin the journey of this wonderful experience!

    Family and friends are coming to see you jump? Your instructor will tell you what the color of the canopy is so they can regonize you in the air! 

    The flight

    (15 minutes)

    Get on board of one of our Cessna Caravan (Converted with a powerful engine to get you up even faster!)

    You are getting closer to this amazing experience!

    Throughout the climb, you will get the opportunity to enjoy a wonderful view on our region. 

    Your instructor will also ensure you are safely equipped for the jump.

    The freefall

    (45 seconds)

    For sure the best 45 seconds of your life! 

    You jump out of the aircraft with your instructor.

    From then on, touching the sky is no longer an expression, the clouds are just a fingertip away.

    No racing car will make you feel the effect of speed the way freefalling does. 

    The adrenaline and the strong sensations will mark your memory forever. 

    The parachute will be opened either by your instructor or automatically at around 1.500 meters above the ground. 

    Under the canopy

    (5 minutes)

    You are now descending progressively towards the ground

    Enjoy the view on this beautiful landscape below your feet

    If you wish, your instructor will handle you the controls of the canopy and explain you how to guide the parachute.

    For a smooth and safe landing, your instructor will take over the controls and land a few meters away from where people are standing on the aerodrome.

    After the jump

    Recover from the emotions and realize what amazing experience you just did! Yes you did it! Welcome to the club ;-) 

    You can now go to the video room where our video maker will show you the first rushes of video captured during your jump.

    A few minutes later, you will receive a code with which you can download the final video edit.

    This experience will stay in your heart and memory forever! 

    One thing is sure: once on the ground, you will want to start over again! 

    They trusted us:

    • Incredible experience!!!

      "Super professionnal and extremely pleasant team. They do everything they can to make you feel at ease quickly. This is clearly one of the best experiences of my life! Everything went well and I would start over with this team again! I highly recommend it :)”

      Sabrina - Google feedback
    • Well-functioning organisation

      "The tandem instructors were very professionnal and put you at ease before the jump. During the jump, they listen to your concerns and share this wonderful moment with you. I would highly recommend Skydive Spa! 

      Also their meteo app allowing to know the weather conditions on the d-day is super handy."

      Dominique - Google feedback
    • Unique experience

      “C'est un endroit qui nous en met plein les yeux. et surtout la formidable équipe, qui est super rassurante.
      Un tout grand merci.”

      "Hoodwink place! Wonderful and reassuring team. Thank you so much!"

      Isabelle - Facebook feedback
    • I highly recommend to do this once in your life

      "First tandem jump with a great instructor, he comforted me and I had a crazy moment! I recommend everyone to do it!"

      Nicolas - Facebook feedback

      Meteo warranty

      In case of bad weather, you will have the opportunity to pick another date according to your availabilities.

      You are a click away from your dream. This dream will require courage but you won't regret it! Our team will be there to comfort you and have the greatest day of your life! 

      To know before jumping:

      • The minimum size to jump is 1m20
      • The required age is 10 years old
      • Weight LimitOur maximum weight is 95kgs. 
      • Under 18 of age, are required to bring a written approval from both parents
      • Sweaters and t-shirts with a hood are forbidden
      • Shoes with hooks are forbidden
      • The consumption of alcohol or drugs are forbidden 12 hours before the jump
      • Personnal cameras cannot be used during the jump
      • Verify you have no medical counter-indications that could prevent you from jumping



      FAQ Restrictions

      Is a medical certificate required?

      No it is not necessary. However, you must carefully read the registration form.

      In order to ensure your security, verify that you are not facing one of the following cases:

      • Shoulder dislocation
      • Muscular force disease 
        • => Prevent our staff so we can organize adapted measures to ensure your safety during the jump.
      • Surgery affecting the abdominal wall
        • => Wait at least 3 month before jumping
      • Serious heart disease
      • Any accident that has caused severe injuries 
        • => Wait at least 12 months before jumping
      • Epilepsy 
      • Pregnancy (for safety reasons, pregnancy is not compatible with a jump)

      If you are in doubt concerning a medical issue, please contact us. Our team will be glad to answer your questions. 

      Is there an age limit?

      There is no age limit. Our current record is held by someone of 101 years old who chose Skydive Spa to realize his dream! 

      For the kids, the only limit is a limit of size which is 1m20. 

      Attention! Under 18 of age must accompanied by their 2 parents. If this is not possible, you must provide us a written approval signed by the parent(s) that are not on site. You can download this form here.

      Can I use my camera/GoPro?

      No. For safety reasons, only instructors who have undergone a specific formation in order to carry a camera/GoPro are allowed to do so during the jump.

      Is there a weight limit?

      For safety reasons, the weight limit for passengers is set to 95kg.

      Weather and cancellation

      FAQ Météo

      How can I cancel my booking?

      In case you cannot attend the booking, please let us know as soon as possible by phone (+32 87 269 906) or by mail (info@skydivespa.be)

      Why is weather so important?

      At Skydive Spa, your safety is our priority. This is why we are forced to postpone your jump if the weather conditions are not good enough. 

      Here are a few cases (that are sometimes not visible from the ground) of weather constraints that force us to cancel a jump:

      • Strong winds on the ground that may lead to difficult landings.
      • Rain, even when it's light. Droplets of water at high speed hit hard on your skin and are not pleasant.
      • Clouds under 1000 meters of altitude that lead to poor visibility. If clouds are higher, it's not a problem, you may even have the chance to go through them! 
      What if my jump is cancelled due to weather?

      Before opening a session, we must carefully analyse the weather chart that is published in the morning. Although we try to precisely evaluate the chances of jumping, weather might get capricious and force us to cancel or postpone a jump that had been confirmed earlier.

      If this situation occurs, we will allow you to pick a new date that suits you in our online planning. 

      How can I know if the weather is good enough for my jump?

      On the day of your jump, we will inform you of the weather conditions by mail and SMS.

      You did not receive anything? You can also: 

      • Check our website in the section "Meteo". Weather information are updated there every morning. 
      • Call us on the day of your jump: +32 87 269 906
      • Download our app "Fly4&Race" 
      How should I dress for my jump?

      Choose an outfit that in which you feel at ease. For more comfort, sweatshirts and t-shirts with hoods are forbidden. 

      Note that we will always provide you with a specific suit to wear on top of your clothes.

      Wear comfortable shoes that hold tight to your feet. Hiking shoes with hooks are forbidden.

      Gift vouchers

      FAQ Bons cadeaux

      Do I need to order the video reportage together with the voucher?

      This is not mandatory. 

      If the person you offered the voucher to wants to have a video reportage, he/she will be able to buy it on site during registration at our desk. 

      In that case, he/she will only have to pay the difference for the video reportage.

      How can I verify that my order is valid

      If you created an account when ordering your voucher, you will find all required information on your profile under the tab XXX.

      If you placed an order without creating an account, you will find the confirmation in your mailbox. (Check your spams if you can't find it)

      If you did not received anything, you can contact us by mail directly: info@skydivespa.be or by phone +32 (0) 87 269 906.

      Are vouchers personal only?

      No. Once ordered, you can offer the voucher to the person of your choice. This person will then present the voucher to our staff during registration and enjoy the jump. 

      How long are vouchers valid?

      Vouchers are valid for 1 year as from the date of order.


      FAQ Réservations

      I read there was sometimes a long waiting time, why is that?

      We are doing our best to allow your jump at the scheduled time. However some factors may create some delays.

      The most common ones are: 

      • A weather change. In case of rain, gusty winds or clouds below 1.000 meters of altitude, we may be obliged to postpone the jumps later during the day in order to perform them safely.
      • Air Traffic Control. During each flight, our planes must receive approval from the national air traffic controllers in order to climb. In case of high affluence of traffic in the Belgian sky, we are sometimes forced to postpone our flights. 

      In case of any delay, our team will always keep you updated.

      Can we see the parachutes land?

      Yes! The landing site is located a few meters away from the area opened to the public. 

      The tandem instructor will also indicate the color of the canopy so your friends and family are able to recognize you when you jump! 

      Can my friends/family join me?

      Of course! Your friends and family can stay with you during the preparation phase and they can follow you almost next to the boarding area. They can then wait for you outside and watch you perform your jump from the ground.

      The tandem instructor will indicate the parachute color so they can recognize you when the parachute opens. 

      After landing, they will be able to see your emotions and you will be able to share the experience with them. 
      There are great chances that they will join you in the aircraft and jump as well next time! :-) 

      How long are we expected to stay on site?

      Depending on weather and Air Traffic Control, flights may sometimes be slightly delayed. It is best to schedule half a day on site.

      While you are waiting, you can enjoy a drink at our cafeteria, take a seat around one of our picnic tables or even lay on the grass and watch other parachutes go down.

      In summer, if your children are joining, they will be able to enjoy our bouncy castle next to the landing site.

      Is it mandatory to create an account to book a jump?

      No, you are not obliged to create an account in order to book a jump on our website.

      How to book a jump?

      Booking a jump is only feasible via our online calendar.

      Select a date and a time. Attention, the booking time is the time at which you are expected to arrive on site, not the time of the jump.

      If your jump is cancelled because of weather conditions, you can choose a new date in our online calendar.

      For vouchers combined with our partners, the booking of a room at the hotel or any other activity is independent of the jump. You must therefore book the jump on our website but you have to check with the concerned partner in order to reschedule the other activity. 

      I have a voucher, how can I use it?

      Go to the page XXX in order to pick a date and time for your jump. 

      You will be able to enter your voucher code at the bottom of the registration form.

      On the day of the jump, bring your voucher either printed or on your smartphone.


      FAQ Sécurité

      How is my security ensured?

      At Skydive Spa, your security is our priority. 

      Here is how we can ensure it: 

      1. You are in safe hands! A tandem instructor needs a minimum of 1.000 jumps before being allowed to start his/her tandem instructor rating. He/she then undergoes several situations in order to be ready to overcome any issue, whatever happens! 
      2. A complete equipment. During a tandem jump, your instructor is equipped with 2 altimeters and 2 parachutes. The second parachute is always equipped with an automatic opening device. Which means that a parachute will open automatically without requiring any human input.
      3. A high tech equipment. Skydive Spa is equipped with the highest and latest parachute technology. We are really intransigent and careful with our equipment which includes the parachute, the aircraft and all other required accessories.

      You have further questions on our equipment? Don't hesitate to ask our team! 

      Is skydiving dangerous?

      Unlike what most people think, skydiving is less dangerous than driving a car or even swim in a pool! 

      Furthermore, at Skydive Spa, you are jumping with instructors that have undergone a thorough training and who are using a high tech and well maintained equipment. 

      Since the creation of Skydive Spa, in 1991, we have never faced any serious accident during tandem jumps. 

      With us, you are in the safest hands!  

      Video/Photo reportage

      FAQ Reportage

      Why do I sometimes need to wait a few hours before being able to download my video?

      We understand that once you have performed your jump, you are looking forward to watching your video as fast as possible!  

      Once you have landed, our instructor will give the camera to our video editor, but there is still a lot of editing to be performed before you are able to watch it.

      Our video editor will edit the pictures/sounds so you can enjoy a beautiful video montage that you will be able to share with your friends.

      Don't worry, your video will be available on the same day.

      How can I download my video once I get home?

      As soon as the video/pictures are edited by our video editor, you will be able to download them from our website or by scanning the QR code you will have received.

      In which format do I receive my video/pictures?

      Pictures are downloadable in JPG format and videos in M4V, directly from our website.

      What are the different video options?

      For all types of video, you will be filmed during the preparation and it will show your impressions before and after the jump.

      Handycam video : Your tandem instructor will film your jump with a "selfie" vision thanks to a camera mounted on his forearm. You will therefore be able to see all the expressions on your face during this experience!

      This video can be watched on any screen and/or shared on all social networks.

      Ultimate 360°/IMAX video : The best option to watch your jump infinitely! Your instructor films your jump with a 360° vision camera, and you are sure not to miss a piece of it.

      This video also allows to watch the jump with a virtual reality headset in 3D.

      Of course, you will also receive the video in a 2D format in order to watch it on a standard screen or also share it on your social networks. 

      Pro Skydiver Video : An external pro jumper equipped with a camera joins you throughout the jump and films you just like in an action movie. The "cameraman" will stay above you and film the opening of the parachute. He will then catch you up and join you for the descent. Before your landing, he will be waiting on the ground to film your landing and get your first impressions. 

      This video can be watched on any screen and shared on social networks.

      You will also received about 50 photos.

      Bonus: The poster : The best of all pictures reworked in order to create a true movie poster! The quality of this picture allows you to print it in a wide format. (1,50 meters high)

      All videos and photos are provided in a digital format. These are downloadable on our website.


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