Prices for skydivers

AFF formation

Basic AFF course

10 minutes tunnel (Fly-In) + theory + AFF Level 1 - tandem + Level 2 to 7 jumps (7 jumps included) + 2 canopy piloting flights in virtual simulation.


This price includes 10 minutes tunnel at Fly-In, the ground school, annual insurance, annual membership, license, 7 aff jumps, gear rental and packing for 25 jumps, 2 parachute piloting flights in virtual simulation. After finishing your course you will get a voucher for a free canopy piloting course.

A down payment of 255€ is required at your registration. The balance can be paid in 3 installments. Jumps can be made during all opening hours, but are subject to weather conditions.


Repetition jumps Levels 1 to 3

231€ / Jump

Repetition jumps Levels 4 to 7

144€ / Jump

All jumps include insurance, gear rental and packing. After finishing your training, you will be a member of our club, have an annual insurance and your annual license. After your first jump you can choose your mode of payment for the remaining jumps.

Prices for skydivers



22 € / Saut

Non member

38€ / Saut

Team jump (4 members +1videoman) :


125€ / Saut (25€ x5)

Non member

190€ / Saut (38€ x5)

Other :

Complete annual registration (effective member, license, insurance)


Member fee


Gear rental fees (from 260 to 150 sqft) (Parachute 10 € + 5 € packing)


"Skydive Center Spa Price Conditions" dated 01.01.2006 apply. For Non-Members, jumps not made by December 31st will be automatically erased from the account without any possible retribution. Member jumps will be transferred on the following year provided the membership fee be paid before March 31st. The jump accounts are linked to each individual jumper, jumps may not be transferred or sold to anybody else.


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