Tandem Jump "First Fly Experiences"

A parachute jump during the week followed by 3 flights in one of the largest freefall simulators in the world (Fly-In Liege).

279,00 €

Tandem Jump "First Fly Experiences"

For the first sensations of free fall, head for FLYIN Liège (www.flyinliege.be), 100m from Liège Airport. After a briefing of +/- 10 minutes, head for the tunnel which is 5.2m wide and 15m high with its turbine which blows at more than 300km/h. You will test the accompanied free fall.... Without a parachute!

To get the most out of the experience, head for the Skydive Spa, Belgium's largest skydiving centre, where you can exchange your voucher for a tandem jump valid for one person (*).
After a few explanations, you will board the plane and start the ascent to 4,000m. The door will open and, securely attached to your instructor, you will experience a 45-second freefall, where you will have nothing to do but enjoy. A maximum of adrenaline from which you usually come back satisfied, with a radiant face and the knowledge that you have experienced something exceptional.

FLYIN Liege and Skydive Spa offers you its exclusive package to make your dreams come true at a low price!

1 tandem jump at Skydive Spa valid during the week.
3 flights (the equivalent of almost 4 skydives) in one of the biggest wind tunnels in the world.

All this for the exceptional price of 279€ (the voucher will be valid for 1 year)

- You must book your skydive and flight via our website.
- For the flights in FLYIN Liège, make an appointment via www.flyinliege.be.
(*) If there are several of you who want to make the big jump, you can book extra jumps to complete the offer at the normal rate.

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