Photo/Video reportage

What are the different video options?

For all types of video, you will be filmed during the preparation and it will show your impressions before and after the jump.

Handycam video : Your tandem instructor will film your jump with a "selfie" vision thanks to a camera mounted on his forearm. You will therefore be able to see all the expressions on your face during this experience!

This video can be watched on any screen and/or shared on all social networks.

Ultimate 360°/IMAX video : The best option to watch your jump infinitely! Your instructor films your jump with a 360° vision camera, and you are sure not to miss a piece of it.

This video also allows to watch the jump with a virtual reality headset in 3D.

Of course, you will also receive the video in a 2D format in order to watch it on a standard screen or also share it on your social networks. 

Pro Skydiver Video : An external pro jumper equipped with a camera joins you throughout the jump and films you just like in an action movie. The "cameraman" will stay above you and film the opening of the parachute. He will then catch you up and join you for the descent. Before your landing, he will be waiting on the ground to film your landing and get your first impressions. 

This video can be watched on any screen and shared on social networks.

You will also received about 50 photos.

Bonus: The poster : The best of all pictures reworked in order to create a true movie poster! The quality of this picture allows you to print it in a wide format. (1,50 meters high)

All videos and photos are provided in a digital format. These are downloadable on our website.


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Why do I sometimes need to wait a few hours before being able to download my video?

We understand that once you have performed your jump, you are looking forward to watching your video as fast as possible!  

Once you have landed, our instructor will give the camera to our video editor, but there is still a lot of editing to be performed before you are able to watch it.

Our video editor will edit the pictures/sounds so you can enjoy a beautiful video montage that you will be able to share with your friends.

Don't worry, your video will be available on the same day.

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