Is skydiving dangerous?

Unlike what most people think, skydiving is less dangerous than driving a car or even swim in a pool! 

Furthermore, at Skydive Spa, you are jumping with instructors that have undergone a thorough training and who are using a high tech and well maintained equipment. 

Since the creation of Skydive Spa, in 1991, we have never faced any serious accident during tandem jumps. 

With us, you are in the safest hands!  

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How is my security ensured?

At Skydive Spa, your security is our priority. 

Here is how we can ensure it: 

  1. You are in safe hands! A tandem instructor needs a minimum of 1.000 jumps before being allowed to start his/her tandem instructor rating. He/she then undergoes several situations in order to be ready to overcome any issue, whatever happens! 
  2. A complete equipment. During a tandem jump, your instructor is equipped with 2 altimeters and 2 parachutes. The second parachute is always equipped with an automatic opening device. Which means that a parachute will open automatically without requiring any human input.
  3. A high tech equipment. Skydive Spa is equipped with the highest and latest parachute technology. We are really intransigent and careful with our equipment which includes the parachute, the aircraft and all other required accessories.

You have further questions on our equipment? Don't hesitate to ask our team! 

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