Book a jump

I have a voucher, how can I use it?

Go to the page XXX in order to pick a date and time for your jump. 

You will be able to enter your voucher code at the bottom of the registration form.

On the day of the jump, bring your voucher either printed or on your smartphone.

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How to book a jump?

Booking a jump is only feasible via our online calendar.

Select a date and a time. Attention, the booking time is the time at which you are expected to arrive on site, not the time of the jump.

If your jump is cancelled because of weather conditions, you can choose a new date in our online calendar.

For vouchers combined with our partners, the booking of a room at the hotel or any other activity is independent of the jump. You must therefore book the jump on our website but you have to check with the concerned partner in order to reschedule the other activity. 

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How long are we expected to stay on site?

Depending on weather and Air Traffic Control, flights may sometimes be slightly delayed. It is best to schedule half a day on site.

While you are waiting, you can enjoy a drink at our cafeteria, take a seat around one of our picnic tables or even lay on the grass and watch other parachutes go down.

In summer, if your children are joining, they will be able to enjoy our bouncy castle next to the landing site.

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Can my friends/family join me?

Of course! Your friends and family can stay with you during the preparation phase and they can follow you almost next to the boarding area. They can then wait for you outside and watch you perform your jump from the ground.

The tandem instructor will indicate the parachute color so they can recognize you when the parachute opens. 

After landing, they will be able to see your emotions and you will be able to share the experience with them. 
There are great chances that they will join you in the aircraft and jump as well next time! :-) 

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