Meteo & cancellation

How should I dress for my jump?

Choose an outfit that in which you feel at ease. For more comfort, sweatshirts and t-shirts with hoods are forbidden. 

Note that we will always provide you with a specific suit to wear on top of your clothes.

Wear comfortable shoes that hold tight to your feet. Hiking shoes with hooks are forbidden.

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How can I know if the weather is good enough for my jump?

On the day of your jump, we will inform you of the weather conditions by mail and SMS.

You did not receive anything? You can also: 

  • Check our website in the section "Meteo". Weather information are updated there every morning. 
  • Call us on the day of your jump: +32 87 269 906
  • Download our app "Fly4&Race" 
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What if my jump is cancelled due to weather?

Before opening a session, we must carefully analyse the weather chart that is published in the morning. Although we try to precisely evaluate the chances of jumping, weather might get capricious and force us to cancel or postpone a jump that had been confirmed earlier.

If this situation occurs, we will allow you to pick a new date that suits you in our online planning. 

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Why is weather so important?

At Skydive Spa, your safety is our priority. This is why we are forced to postpone your jump if the weather conditions are not good enough. 

Here are a few cases (that are sometimes not visible from the ground) of weather constraints that force us to cancel a jump:

  • Strong winds on the ground that may lead to difficult landings.
  • Rain, even when it's light. Droplets of water at high speed hit hard on your skin and are not pleasant.
  • Clouds under 1000 meters of altitude that lead to poor visibility. If clouds are higher, it's not a problem, you may even have the chance to go through them! 
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How can I cancel my booking?

In case you cannot attend the booking, please let us know as soon as possible by phone (+32 87 269 906) or by mail (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

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