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Terms and Conditions

General Conditions for the execution of Tandem Jumps

  1. This Contract is effective at the signature of t he present form and receipt of the same by Skydiving Promotion SCRL. Payment is automatically due when Contact becomes effective..
    1. The Contract remains effective until the realization of the Tandem Jump, the latest December 31st of the year following the signature of the Contract. Should the Tandem jump be not executed at this date, the obligations of Skydiving Promotion SCRL cease automatically;
    2. From the moment the contract with Skydiving Promotion has been entered, the purchaser of the gift certificate or the named passenger can revoke the contract and be fully reimbursed within the first 14 days. Between the 15th and the 30th day an administrative fee of 25€ will be deducted from the amount to be reimbursed. After 30 days a reimbursement is not possible. However, the gift certificate can be transferred to another person..
  2. No complete nor partial refund will take place if the tandem Passenger has entered the airplane and refused to jump. Entering the airplane means that the Passenger with his Tandem Instructor are installed in the airplane and that the motor has been started.In that case, Skydiving Promotion SCRL will be considered as having fulfilled their obligations
  3. Tandem Jump will be conducted by an experience instructor with a special Tandem Master rating delivered by an approved Federation. Every equipment used for performing Tandem Jumps is equipped with a state-of-art Safety device that activates the reserve parachute whenever necessary. This reserve parachute is of ram air type and is quite similar to the main parachute.
  4. Thanks to the experience of the Tandem Masters and the quality of the equipment used, Tandem Jumping involves relatively little risk. However, even in the optimal conditions for jumping, a risk of injury can not be totally excluded, e.g. due to an eventual inappropriate position of the Passenger during the landing. For foreign citizen, it must be appreciated that Skydive is located abroad and that the medical coverage only exists within the limits of the international Social Security Conventions. Skydiving Promotion SCRL subscribes for every Tandem Passenger an Insurance covering injuries and third party liability.
    1. The Tandem Master is covered for liability for the damages he could be considered as responsible during his task of Tandem Master. Moreover, the owners of the airplane as well as the pilots are covered for their liability within the frame of the legal prescriptions.
    2. The Tandem Passenger exonerates the Tandem Master , the owner of the parachute, the owner of the airplane, Skydiving Promotion SCRL and their employees, within the limits fixed by law, from any responsibility that is not mentioned within the frame of the insurances mentioned in § 6.a..
  5. Skydiving Promotion SCRL and their employees have the exclusivity for the execution of Tandem Jumps on the Drop Zone of Spa Due to the weather conditions or eventual temporary lack of capacity, delays or even reports may not be excluded. We insist of the fact that we can not guarantee the execution of a Tandem Jump at a pre-programmed time or even date. Skydiving Promotion SCRL is not liable for the appointments given. In some circumstances, several visits to the Drop Zone could be necessary before being able to perform the jump. The Tandem Passenger also accepts that, in case of conflict, the obligations of Skydiving Promotion SCRL toward their members or the active parachutists have priority on those towards the Tandem Passengers.
  6. The Tandem Passenger certifies that he complies with the requirements of the medical commission of the ABPS. In addition, every situation that could cause a problem during the jump should be mentioned to the Tandem Master.
  7. Skydiving Promotion SCRL have the right to refuse a Passenger if serious reasons force them to do so. In that case, the full paid amount will be refund.
  8. Should the Tandem Passenger be refused for reasons of his own like :
    * Violation to the Aeronautical Laws or the Rules of the Airport
    * Refusal to follow Instructions or recommendations given by Skydiving Promotion SCRL or their employees.
    * Jeopardize others or his own safety. In those cases, it shall be no right for any refund.
  9. Tandem Passenger accepts that the information provided with this form be informatically saved and eventually conveyed to a Financial operator and/or an Insurance Company to allow further treatment.On purchase of a video- or video-/photo package, the passenger accepts that Skydiving Promotion has the copyright to these images and can use them in their own publications.
  10. Should one clause of the present contract be incorrectly formulated, an agreement will be found that matches the best the spirit of this clause. In case of incorrect formulation of one clause of this contract, all the other clauses articles remain valid
  11. To be declared fit to practice parachute jumps, the candidate must meet the following conditions :

    1. Have a good general constitution but it is not necessary to have an especially developed musculature. A tendency of being overweight will be appreciated according to the possible functional consequences.
    2. Have a normal abdominal belt. Hernias or weaknesses of the abdominal belt that would prohibit the efforts of jumping will be eliminatory. Any surgical intervention on the abdominal belt should have been performed at least three months prior to the jump.
    3. Any surgical intervention on the major vessels or on the arterial vessels of the lower limbs is eliminatory unless cleared by the examining physician.
    4. Have a normal pulmonary status. Asthma and emphysema will need a pulmonary exam
    5. Serious digestive tract diseases with a possibility of acute impairment are left to the appreciation of the examining physician.
    6. Any previous lesion of the brain or skull will need a through neurological exam. The need to perform an EEG will left to the appreciation of the examining physician.
    7. Present a normal mental and emotional status. Will not be allowed to jump “too” emotional people, as well as nevrotic or psychotic people.
    8. Any previous heart or vascular disease will require a thorough cardiac examination.
    9. Spine, pelvis and limbs should not present any condition which could affect the security of a normal jump.
    10. Be free of medication or other type of chronic intoxication.
    11. For female candidates, pregnancy is a contra-in dication
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