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Fly in

Afraid of flying but desiring to experience the sensations of free fall?

Or you want to re-live the incredible feeling of free fall experienced during your jump?

Meet us at Fly-In Liège : the largest free fall simulator in the world !

Fly-in is an indoor wind tunnel located on the Liège Airport site. This circular wind tunnel measures 5.2m in diameter and 15m in height. The propelled air reaches more than 300km an hour and reproduces the same sensations of free fall as during a parachute jump but... without parachute ☺.

Pure action is guaranteed for all who want to make a first flight but might be afraid to jump out of an aircraft or for those who want to prolong the rush of freefall experienced during the jump.

Your flight: After an initial briefing and equipment phase (+/-20min), you will head towards the flight chamber. Accompanied by an instructor, you will be able to put the first movements taught into practice and fly in a precise and playful way. The flight time will depend on the package chosen:

Package adults:

  • CLASSIC 2 VOLS ADULTE: 2 flights for 55€
    CHALLENGE 4 VOLS ADULTE: 4 flights for 95€
    LOVE PACK DELUXE 5 VOLS + NUITEE A L’HOTEL : 5 flights for & 3 one night to Park'in aeroport Liège for 250€
    EVOLUTION PACK 60 VOLS : 6 sessions of 10min for 1050€

Child Package :

  • CLASSIC 2 VOLS ENFANT : 2 flights for 45€
    CHALLENGE 4 VOLS ENFANT : 4 flights for 80€
    ANNIVERSAIRE : quote on request
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Skydive SPA
près du circuit de Francorchamps

Météo mauvaise

Aujourd’hui vous aviez, vraisemblablement, organisé votre journée en fonction du saut en tandem que vous deviez effectuer ! Malheureusement les conditions météos actuelles ne permettent pas de sauter en Tandem.
Votre journée peut encore être sauvée !!! Prenez vite rendez-vous chez notre partenaire FLY-IN et découvrez, aujourd’hui encore, les sensations de la chute libre en indoor au prix exceptionnel de 45€ pour 2 vols grâce au code suivant « SKYS 2019 »
Téléphonez dès à présent au 04 225 99 60 et réservez vos 2 vols !
! Bons vols et à bientôt. Skydive Spa Team

Today you had probably organized your day around the reservation you made for your tandem jump! Unfortunately the current weather conditions do not allow you to jump. Your day can still be saved!!! Quickly make an appointment with our partner FLY-IN and discover the sensations of indoor free fall at the exceptional price of 45 € for 2 flights, with to the following code "SKYS 2019".
Call us now 04 225 99 60 and reserve your 2 fligths !
Good flights and see you soon. Skydive Spa Team