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An exeptional infrastructure

At Skydive Spa, we make every effort to provide Skydivers with the most friendly but efficient conditions for a safe practice of their favorite activity. In this way, you will see that our Manifest is fully computerized to run efficiently your registration, the administration of your account, the manifesting, the boarding calls, …aso.

When registering, you receive a nominative card with a barcode. The pre-paid jumps are credited and, through simple scan at the Manifest, you will be manifested in a load to the jump altitude of 4.000 m. Several load screens in the packing hall enable you to check how much time is left before your boarding call and take off.

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 En date du 12/08 Start 10:00

Skydive SPA
près du circuit de Francorchamps

Météo OK

La séance de sauts pour les TANDEM est ouverte.
En raison du covid19, le bureau d'acceuil ne peut accepter que 2 personnes à la fois.

C'est pourquoi, tous les rendez-vous sont attendus 1 heure plus tôt que prévus.


Jump activity for TANDEM is started

Due to covid 19, only  two guests at a time, in the reception, that's the reason why all appointments are expected 1 hour earlier