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Congratulations, you have finished your AFF! But your training does not stop there and you still have a lot of things to learn. At Skydive Spa, we attach special importance to safety. It is for this reason that once you have completed your AFF training, we will be pleased to offer you a canopy piloting course in collaboration with the Ronald Emonts Canopy piloting School. The school offers a series of theoretical courses and briefed/debriefed jumps. You will learn to handle your parachute in different conditions and land smoothly without disturbing the landing pattern of other parachutists.

The canopy piloting course consists of 5 chapters, which begin with the basic instructions given in the classroom followed by precise briefing and debriefing between each jump. The ground Instructor films the student's landing for a debriefing. After each jump the student returns to class for the continuation of the courses. You will learn a lot about your canopy which will bring you a better understanding of its flight characteristics, and above all more confidence and therefore better security. Enjoy your canopy ride and make the most out of it. What should I do in case of a bad drop? How do I land off the dropzone and what should I pay attention to? When should I use the risers or toggles? What influence does the "harness turn" have on my landing?, etc...

You will find a precise answer to all these questions during the courses, regardless of your experience, whether you are a beginner or an experienced skydiver. Our training improves your skills, whether you're just out of AFF or you have 2000 jumps, anybody can benefit from this course.

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