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The Sky is Yours !

nouveau One full week training (9 days) in July or in August with 25 jumps to qualify for the A license.

Details and booking for your training week

You will find hereunder the schedule for the usual AFF training courses.You can register on-line for the session you wish to take part (watch out for the language selection !).

We will be happy welcoming you at Skydive Spa at 05.00 pm to finalize your registration. Do not forget to bring along the completed and duly signed forms (Insurance and Medical Certificate) downloadable on the web site.

Plan to reserve all the Friday evening (until about midnight) for the course as well as the whole Saturday for wind tunnel and first jump (Wind Tunnel at Fly-In 8:30am and first jump at Skydive Spa in the afternoon).Bring a light meal pack for the Friday evening.

Click Here, to download the forms to be filled out for your registration.

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