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The aff instruction

The sky is yours!

Congratulations! You have decided to experience what will most probably be the thrill of your lifetime !
Skydive Spa offers for candidates wishing to become an occasional or a hard-core parachutist the most modern, efficient and safest method of training : the AFF (Accelerated Free Fall).

The AFF has been conceived to be all together didactical and methodical at the highest level.

The candidate first receives a theoretical information which will be followed by, first, 10 minutes of coached "flight" in the wind tunnel and the first AFF Tandem Jump.

After his level 1 AFF Tandem Jump, the student will leave the airplane for about one minute free fall, accompanied by two instructors. Those instructors, specially qualified, will assist the student by correcting his free fall position, and they will, during the whole jump, take care of student's safety, eventually by opening the student's parachute if needed.

The seven levels programed in the AFF method can be accomplished within 7 jumps, clearing the student to unaccompanied jumps. It is common to see students receiving their qualification after just two or three days of jumping, even if it is sometimes necessary, for safety reason, to repeat one or more jumps.

Instruction starts with the theory and ground training course. Sessions take place once a month in every language (FR-NL-GER-EN). Dates are mentioned on the planning available on the web site.


  • 10 minutes of coached flight in the wind tunnel (equivalent to free fall time of approximately 10 jumps) : aquisition and awareness of body position in free fall.
  • Level 1: AFF Tandem jump - first experience with real free fall, altitude awareness and altimeter reading, introduction to canopy flight, flight pattern and landing.
  • Level 2: Body position in free fall and altitude awareness, opening of the parachute.
  • Level 3: Instructors release the student, he is "free" falling for the first time.
  • Level 4: Heading changes in free fall. student is accompanied by one instructor only from this level on
  • Level 5: Turns and fall rate changes practice.
  • Level 6: Back loops and horizontal moves (track).
  • Level 7: Qualification jump. The Student performs, during this jump, all the exercises of the previous jumps, without any physical contact with the Instructor : Free flown exit, right and left turns, back loop, barrel roll and track.

Once the parachute is open , after a few minutes under the canopy, the Student has to pilot his parachute according to the flight pattern previously defined with the Instructor, and reach the ground safely in the selected landing zone.


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The Equipment

For the instruction jumps we use modern dual rigs made of square main and reserve canopies. All rigs are equipped with the latest safety devices (Vigil®). Those devices, controlled by a microprocessor, permanently measure the altitude and the fall rate and activates, if needed, the reserve parachute.
Jumpsuit, helmet, goggles and altimeter are loaned by Skydive Spa during the whole instruction, just bring sporting clothing and sport shoes.


The AFF jump course is given in each language (FR-NL-E-D) always on a Friday. It is essential to register for a course date on this website by clicking here. The course takes place on Friday morning at 9 a.m. and ends around 2 p.m. Plan your sandwiches / toast in order to eat during the break because it will not be possible for you to buy something on the spot. We ask you to come around 8:30 am to pay for your registration, validate your medical certificate and your insurance declaration.

You must be available on Thursday (the day before the theoretical sourse) evening from 7 p.m. to + -10 p.m. to complete the 10-minute wind tunnel at Fly-In (near the Liège / Bierset aerodrome).

Click here to download the certificates to be completed for your registration. If you want a video report, all you have to do is report it during registration on the day of the jump. It does not have to be booked in advance.

Canopy Piloting School

Congratulations, you have successfully completed your AFF Instruction.

That does not mean that your education is completed and that many other things are not to be learned. At Skydive Spa, we consider that Safety is of prime importance. That is the reason why, at the end of the AFF instruction, you will be have the possibility of taking part to a Canopy Piloting Course, proposed in co-operation with the “Ronald Emonts Canopy Piloting School”.

That School, based at Skydive Spa, proposes a session of theory courses completed with briefed and de-briefed jumps. You will learn how to steer your canopy, control your parachute and land softly without creating a potential danger for the other parachutists.

Canopy Piloting course is made of 5 main sections starting each with a basic instruction given in the class room, followed with a personalized coaching between each jump. The instructor captures on video each Student landing for a complete de-briefing. After each jump, the Student returns to the class room to carry on with the instruction.

You will learn a lot about your canopy for a better understanding of the flying characteristics that will give you MORE CONFIDENCE and thus MORE SAFETY. You will enjoy much more your canopy ride.

What should I do in case of a bad spot ? How can I safely land outside and what should I look at ? Should I use the risers or the toggles ? What is the influence of a ‘’harness turn’’ on my landing ? aso…

The course will give you the right answer to all those questions and many more… Whatever your experience level, beginner or seasoned skydiver, our coaching will help you to perform better. Have you just been graduated or do you have already 2000 jumps under your belt ? Fulfillment of expectation is for everyone.

tenue-de-saut aff


  • You must be at least 16 years old to take part to the AFF instruction.
  • For minors, legalized authorization from both parents or the persons legally in charge is required. In the case of absence of one or both parents a written permission and copy of ID card has to be provided.
  • For your comfort during the activity and to avoid to suffer from airsickness, we advise you to take just a light meal at least one hour before the jump.
  • It is forbidden to drink any alcoholic beverage (last drink at least 12 hours before the jump)
  • Il ne vous est pas autorisé de prendre une caméra personnelle de type GoPro ou autres lors de votre saut pour des raisons évidentes de sécurité.

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Medical Restrictions :

  • A recent Medical certificate (not older than three months) , from the family physician must be presented before taking part to the course.
    (Medical Certificate form can be) downloaded here).
  • Nevertheless these are important health factors :
    Seizures and pregancy are absolute contra-indications.
  • Any serious heart condition (like a heart attack), any serious accident with fractures (spine, legs, pelvis) or a concussion will be at least one year old.
  • After abdominal surgery or surgery on the abdominal wall (hernia) one has to wait at least three months.
  • The opening of the parachute can be a little hard, we do not recommend to jump if there is a previous history of shoulder dislocation (to avoid recurrence).
    Some previous medical history facts, some risk factors or diseases might need to have the opinion of a specialized doctor : anyone above 50 years old will need a cardiac exam (EKG) at the first visit and then every two years. In case of diabetis the written authorization of the endocrinologist is needed….and in any situation that the family physician feels necessary.