Important :

> The time you choose is an appointment time and not the time of your jump.

Plan your morning or afternoon.

> If you have 2.3 hours to drive, choose an appointment after 11am because you will have to call us before your departure and we will only answer the phone from 8:30am.

  • Important

    Basic training - 7 jumps :

    - DAY BEFORE theory class: 10-minute wind tunnel session (6.30pm at Fly-In Liège),
    - Friday: Theory course from 9am to + 1pm.
       possibility of first AFF jump in the afternoon.
    - Saturday and following days: jumps at your discretion and depending on the weather.


    Training courses are given to a minimum of 3 students.
    If fewer than 3 students register for a course, they will be advanced to the next course, subject to availability.

    Below is the AFF training calendar. You can register directly for the course you're interested in.

    Today Full Closed Available
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    • Informations importantes :

      You'll be expected at 6.30pm at Fly-In Liège for the 10-minute wind tunnel the day before the theory course.

      Don't forget your 2 completed and signed certificates (insurance and medical certificate).

      Plan to spend the whole day on Friday and the whole day on Saturday for the first jumps at Skydive Spa.

      To download the certificates to fill in for your registration click here


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