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Tandem Jump

Jump TypesPrice 
Tandem Jump « early booking » (w-e & week from March 1st until Mei 31st
only valid with the purchase of a gift voucher « early booking »)
179€ Buy
Tandem Jump week (Monday to Friday) 190€ Buy
Tandem Jump Week-End and bank hollidays (also valid during the week) 230€ Buy
Tandem Slow & Furious : 1 Tandem jump + 1 balloon flight 290€ Buy
Tandem jump Fly & Drive : 1 Tandem jump + 1/2 day driving a 2cv 320€ Buy
Sky Experiences : 1 Tandem jump + 1 discovery flight by plane (20min) above Ardennes 330€ Buy
VIP tandem jump :  1 Tandem jump + Hôtel Verviers  360€ Buy
Tandem jump Fly in / out : 1 Tandem jump + 10 tunnel flight at Fly-in Liège 390€ buy
Adrenaline Relaxation Tandem jump : 1 Tandem jump + Radisson Blu Hôtel Spa  420€ Buy
Tandem Jump Helijump 490€ Buy

Video Reportage

Video typesPrice
Video reportage : Handycam
The perfect onboard camera! Attached to the wrist of your tandem monitor, it records with a wide angle your free fall. The ground preparation is also filmed, as are your impressions before and after landing. Everything is then mounted and copied. 20/30 minutes after your jump, you receive a link to watch and download your video(s).
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Video photos reportage (videoman)
A cameraman accompanies you throughout the information session and when boarding the plane. The originality of this report is that it will jump from the plane at the same time as you and stay in front of you throughout the free fall to immortalize your smile; finally it will be on the ground before you and you will wait for it to film your landing and collect your first impressions. Before your departure from the Aerodrome, you will receive a link to download your mounted video montage with soundtrack, witness of your feat, you will also have the photos taken in fall with a professional device.

"On weekdays" includes every day of the week outside Belgian weekends and holidays. There will be no partial refund on tandem jumps made during the week and paid with a "Gift Voucher"


Skydive SPA
près du circuit de Francorchamps

Skydive Spa
Fermeture Annuelle
- Annual Closure

25/11/19 --> 28/02/20

Une permanence téléphonique est assurée tous les jours entre 9h et 13h30 sauf les mardis.

A hotline is provided every day between 9am and 1:30pm except Tuesday.

Décembre -Janvier-Février / December-January-February

Skydive SPA
près du circuit de Francorchamps

Skydive Spa
fermé - Closed

Pas de sauts

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