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Tandem Skydiving

An extraordinary feeling !

Congratulations ! You have decided to experience what will most probably be the thrill of your lifetime !
Feeling some apprehension ? That is fully normal, stepping in flight out of a perfectly good airplane to freefall for 45 seconds at 200 km/h speed is quite unusual. This step will give you a satisfaction feeling beyond description. Simply do it ! And you can rely on our team to make with your skydive an unforgettable experience. Skydive Spa is famous for the quality of the service and the perfectly adapted infrastructure guaranteeing you to fulfill your dream in an optimal and safe surrounding with the most experienced Instructors.

Tandem skydiving is for sure the fastest and the easiest way to become acquainted with the incredible fascination of the modern skydiving. Safely attached to an experienced instructor, anybody young or old, can make the first step into an extraordinary sport.

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The program

Upon your arrival at Skydive Spa, you are welcomed by friendly team of Skydivers who will first explain all the different steps of your jump. Then, you put your jumpsuit on, step into your harness and, together with your Instructor, embark the jump plane. On your way to the altitude of 4.000 m for a 15 minutes ride ! The moment is there, the heart beats faster, the door is open, green light is on and …. 45 seconds later, the parachute is open, you can relax and enjoy for a few more minutes the breath-taking scenery of the Spa town, seen from above. Your Instructor will share with you your feelings during the canopy ride before bringing you softly to the grass of the airfield with just one idea in mind : I want to do that again !!!

The equipment

For Tandem skydiving, a specially conceived equipment, made of two large size parachutes (one main parachute and one reserve parachute), and of a harness anchoring firmly the passenger to the Instructor.

All the equipment used for Tandem skydiving is of the highest standard : Most of the rigs are UPT Vector Sigma®, the absolute reference in the field.

They are also fitted with Vigil® Automatic Activation Devices. The use of such a safety device is compulsory at Skydive Spa. This computer controlled device ensures the activation of the reserve parachute in case of a serious problem and provides you with a maximum of safety.


To book the date of your jump, please book through our website click here to allow us to prepare your visit as efficiently as possible.

Please note that, due to the ever increasing success of Tandem jumping and despite all our efforts, we will sometimes ask you to wait a little bit. We then recommend you to bring, together with the good mood, some patience. Bear in mind that your tandem skydive will take half a day (morning or afternoon).

Weather permitting, skydiving is possible every day from April to October. The Center is also open in March and November but only during weekends. The remaining equipment : jumpsuit, goggles will be supplied. Just bring sports clothes and shoes.

If you wish to have a video of your jump, simply tell us once you are here and register for your jump.

Purchase a tandem skydive Book the date of your skydive



  • For safety reasons, we are limiting the passenger’s weight at 95 kg. There is no age limitation but you have to be 1,20 m tall.
  • For un-accompanied minors, a legalized written authorization from both parents together with a photocopy of parents’ ID card is requested.  If only one parent is present, written permission and copy of ID of the other parent is required.
  • Sweat shirt & t-shirt with hood and shoes like "hiking" with hooks are prohibited.
  • It is forbidden to drink any alcoholic beverage last drink at least 12 hours before the jump.  Dans l'avion, si votre moniteur sent que vous avez consommé de l'alcool, le saut sera annulé et non remboursé.
  • For security reasons, we do not allow passengers to carry their own cameras, Gopro or others.

> Medicales restrictions :

  • No medical authorization is requested but we recommend that you read with attention the inscription form.
  • Some of the important facts : fits (seizure), pregancy are absolute contra-indications. Any serious heart condition (like a heart attack), any serious accident with fractures (spine, legs, pelvis) or a concussion will be at least one year old.
  • After abdominal surgery or surgery on the abdominal wall (hernia) one has to wait at least three months.
  • The opening of the parachute can be a little hard, we do not recommend to jump if there is a previous history of shoulder dislocation (to avoid recurrence).
  • If you present a disease affecting the strength of the muscle or a disease that will not allow you to perform some mouvements, please talk to the skydive staff. You will probably be able to do the jump with some special measures but it is very important that we know about it to avoid any dangerous situation for you and / or your tandem master.

In any other case of doubt, please talk to your family doctor or to a member of the skydive spa staff.

General conditions