• Ban Sauter

Imax Tandem

Benefit from a double experience thanks to Imax technology

Pure adrenaline followed by 360° immersion

On the day of your jump at Skydive Spa, you will be first overwhelmed by excitement and then by adrenaline!
After a short briefing on the jump procedures, your instructor will accompany you on the plane to +/- 4000m. Once the door opens, you will be securely attached to your instructor, and are about to live the experience of your life: a freefall of +/- 45 seconds!
This is pure exhilaration, the only thing you have to do is to enjoy the flight and the extraordinary panorama around you!
After a flight under the open parachute, your instructor will bring you back safely to the ground. Pure adrenaline and an UNFORGETTABLE experience are guaranteed.
Directly after your jump, our professional video editor will make your Imax® film, so you can really relive your jump thanks to the 360° perspective! You will receive 2 edits, one that you can watch on a classic TV/ computer screen and a second one specially edited for viewing with 3D goggles/helmet. You will relive this experience as many times as you want!

Skydive Spa offers you its exclusive package combining pure adventure with the latest technology, in order to make your dreams come true!


  • 1 tandem skydive at Skydive Spa 
  • video with Imax® technology : 360° immersion, 1x for a regular screen + 1x for 3D goggles/helmet.