• Ban Sauter - Réservation

Important :

> The time you choose is an appointment time and not the time of your jump.

Plan your morning or afternoon.

> If you have 2.3 hours to drive, choose an appointment after 11am because you will have to call us before your departure and we will only answer the phone from 8:30am.

Attention, « Black Friday », « Discovery”, “Memories” and “Memories & Reality” vouchers are only accepted on week days ( except on public holidays).
If you still prefer to come on a week-end or public holiday, you will have to pay an extra fee of 30€, on site.

Please note :

The weather information for the day is only available from 8am onwards, so please consider your travel time when booking your arrival time

Important : As jumps can only be made in suitable weather conditions, please call us on the day of your jump under the following number +32 (0)87 269906
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    In order to better plan the day, there is a maximum number of entries per hour.
    If you are a group, you can register in two time slots that follow, we will do our best for you put together in the same plane.
  •   Want to buy a gift voucher ? CLICK HERE
    (You can also pay on the site)

  • Warning : Please keep in mind: for gift vouchers combining a tandem skydive with an overnight stay in a hotel or another activity reservations need to be made with our partner organizations as well as with us. You can book the date for your skydive with us, but please make the reservation for the hotel directly with them. You will find the contact information in the papers with your voucher.

    We no more accept "event store" vouchers.

  • Payment information :

    Payments are made on site the day of the jump, either with a gift voucher or in cash or by credit card.

    Your reservation is free of charge, but if you cannot keep the appointment we kindly ask you to contact us on 0032 87 269906 as soon as possible.

    Important :

    > L'heure que vous allez choisir est une heure de rendez-vous et non pas l'heure de votre saut.
    Prévoyer votre matinée ou votre après-midi.

    > Si vous avez 2,3 heures de route, choisissez un rendez-vous après 11h car il faudra nous téléphoner avant votre départ et nous ne répondons au téléphone qu'à partir de 8h30.

    > Avant de vous présenter le jour J, n'oubliez pas de nous téléphoner au +32(0)87 269 906 pour connaitre les conditions météorologiques et savoir si le saut est maintenu ou reporté.

    Attention, si vous avez une messagerie "hotmail", il se peut que le mail de réservation ne se retrouve pas dans votre boîte de réception, néanmoins, une fois que vous validez votre réservation, celle-ci est bien enregistrée.