Fly in / Fly out

A tandem skydive and 10 minutes of simulated freefall in one of the world’s largest windtunnels.

For adrenaline and excitement, you come to our skydiving center Skydive Spa where you can exchange your gift voucher for a tandem skydive for one person (*).
After a short briefing on the procedures of the jump your instructor will accompany you in the aircraft up to +/-4000m. Once the door opens you will be securely attached to your instructor and about to embark on the experience of a lifetime: a freefall of 45 seconds. The only thing you need to do is to enjoy the ride! Your instructor will bring you safely back to the ground. Pure adrenaline and an unforgettable experience are guaranteed.

After you have experienced your great jump in the Belgian sky you can continue to FLYIN Liège (, situated right next to Liège airport. Here you will get a flight briefing of +/- 10 minutes and proceed to the flying chamber with a diameter of 5.2m / 17ft. Powerful turbines generate an airflow of up to 300km/h. You get a great taste of simulated freefall……without parachute !

An unforgettable day !


  • 1 tandem jump at Skydive Spa valid on weekdays, weekends and holidays.
  • The equivalent of 10 freefall jumps in one of the world’s largest windtunnels.

This package is offered at the exceptional price of € 499 (the voucher will be valid 1 year)


You can make the reservation for your skydive through our web site. For the flights in the windtunnel, please make your reservation directly on

(*) If more persons would like to skydive, additonal jumps can be booked. Here the normal rate applies.

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