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How do I know if my booking is valid?

First of all, you need to connect to your customer account, either through the fast connection symbol on top of the page or through the drop-down menu under "gift vouchers". Then you connect with your username and password. Once connected you find all your orders on the bottom of your account:

Liste bon cadeaux FR

Reference number: this number is automatically generated with your booking. When you click on the small "+" to the right of the reference nunmber you can see all the details

Date of purchase: this is the date you ordered through the internet

Payment: this is the method of payment you have chosen. A green button to the right indicates that the payment is received. An orange indicates that the payment is still pending. Reception will be confirmed by Skadive Spa, as set out in the general condtions of sale.

Gift voucher: this indicates the choice you have made, either PDF or paper voucher.

Print: here you can print and re-print your voucher

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