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How do I use "HiPay Wallet?

Info: click here and you can see a photos explaining all the necessary steps

Complete the form "gift vouchers" and then select "online payment through HiPay Wallet", then on "validate your order".

The site will register your information and re-direct you to the secure website HiPay Wallet.

Now you can choose your language and country and verfiy that Skydive Spa will be the recipient of your payment.

On the secure website HiPay Wallet you have 2 options of payment:

1. Use your HiPay Wallet account

Log on with e-mail and the numbers generated for your passowrd

2. Use your debit- / creditcard

This works the same way as all online payments, you provide e-mail and country of issue. Then you select the method of payment, the number of your card with the necessary codes.

Depending on which option you have choosen you will directed to the website of your bank and will proceed as usual.

Once the payment is done you will be re-directed to the HiPay Wallet website where your payment will be confirmed (or in case of a problem, a notification)

Then you will see on the Skydive Spa website if your order has been processed.


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