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How do I log into my customer account?

You can log in via the second symbol right on top of the main menu, or use the dropdown menu under "gift vouchers".

To log on you simply type in the username and password you chose when you first created the account.

Now you will be directed to your customer account and find all the data that you filled in when creating this account.

If you have already purchased gift vouchers you will find a summary of those below on the site.

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 En date du 09/08 Start 9:00

Skydive SPA
près du circuit de Francorchamps

Météo OK

La séance de sauts pour les TANDEM est ouverte.
En raison du covid19, le bureau d'acceuil ne peut accepter que 2 personnes à la fois.

C'est pourquoi, tous les rendez-vous, sauf ceux de 9h (+/-8h30!) sont attendus 1 heure plus tôt que prévus.


Jump activity for TANDEM is started

Due to covid 19, only  two guests at a time, in the reception, that's the reason why all appointments after 9:00 ( +/-8:30!) are expected 1 hour earlier